Prepare for Unexpected Power Outages with Residential Emergency Power Systems


You never think about having a residential generator until there’s a power outage. We want you to consider keeping your family and home safe now with one of our residential emergency power systems. We offer Kohler residential generators designed to detect power outages during weather emergencies and unforeseen power outage emergencies. These state of the art residential emergency power systems automatically activate the emergency power system within seconds of detecting an outage. Generator power is supplied to your home until utility power is returned. After power is restored, the generator will automatically shut off. Kish offers a variety of Kohler generator products for different home needs using either propane or natural gas residential generators.  


Residential Emergency Power Systems for Your Home

Weather in the Midwest is unpredictable but with a residential emergency power system you can remain confident you and your family will get through any electrical situation. Protect your home from property damage caused by power outages, and keep your family safe. No water backups, no spoiled food, no stress.

The Best Residential Generators from the Most Qualified Team

Trust our experienced staff to help you select and install the highest quality residential emergency power systems. We tailor our services based on YOUR needs to ensure we are installing the right residential generator for your home.. Kohler products are warrantied and meticulously tested to make sure your home can outlast any power outage. Installation is quick and easy with our highly qualified team. Protect your home and your family.

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