Residential Electricians Keeping You Safe

Electrical problems in the home aren’t something that should be looked at as a “DIY” project. For your own safety and that of your family, you should always call a licensed residential electrician.

Our residential electrical services here at Kish and Son’s Electric start with our highly trained electricians who diagnose and repair electrical problems quickly and safely. Residential electrical emergencies can start off small and if not taken care of properly could lead to safety hazards in your home.

Residential Electricians and Electrical Fire Prevention

One of the biggest concerns with an electrical issue in the home is fire. Residential electrical fires are the leading cause of home fires in our country. We work hard to ensure electrical fire prevention for all our customers and, when called for a residential electrical emergency, make sure to correct the issue properly the first time.

Residential Electrical Emergencies

Typically we schedule most of our electrical services several days in advance. However, if you have a residential electrical emergency, Kish and Son's is ready to provide immediate service.

Typical residential electrical emergencies include:

•          Partial or complete power outages

•          Electrical fires

•          Short circuits

•          Crackling sound coming from an outlet

•          Loss of power in a garage or other out-building

 You can feel confident calling Kish for your emergency assistance.

Residential Electricians for the Home You Are Building

Homeowners in La Crosse, WI and Winona, MN have relied on Kish and Sons Electric for more than 65 years. Many have used our residential electricians while building a new home. We offer free estimates. All you need to do is bring us your blueprints and we can discuss working with you as your contracted residential electricians.