Having your home information on your phone or another device like an iPad or tablet lets you have the controls at your fingertips!  Never come home to a dark house again.  Forgot to turn the heat down or air up?  You can check it from your device.  Kish uses a one system approach so you can control your home or office simply and affordably eliminating the need to buy multiple systems.

You can now have all your residential electric services in your home or office linked together and easy to use with Kish Electric.  We know that the success and usefulness of your system lies in how it can work for you today and in the future.  One system does not fit all so let residential electrician from Kish help you choose the best option for you.  Home automation done right can help you simplify, save energy and save you from the need of multiple controls on your wall.

Our residential electricians can install, maintain and service your home automation to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Don’t do the juggle game of remote 1 for the TV, remote 2 for the Bluray, remote 3 for the sound when you can call Kish and find out how a universal remote can make your life so much easier.  Push a button to your device and you are off and running.  When you are on TV your favorite channels can be programmed and just a click away.  Kish can help you make your automation easy for you to use.  Call today and have Kish come to your home and assess what they can offer you to make your life a few clicks to comfort, ease of use and money savings!