Let Kish Electric Home Automation experts help you make your home smarter!

Smart homes are more than just a trend. Home automation technology actually began in the early 80s as computers started becoming more commonplace. Home automation systems are now easy to use, simple to learn and allow for energy efficiency.

Your phone or iPad lets you control your home automation system from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Forget to turn down the heat or turn off lights? A few clicks and it’s taken care of. Forget to lock the door to your home or are you already in bed and realized it? Just another click on your smart phone to “talk” to your smart home!

Kish uses a one-system home automation approach so you can control your home or even your office simply and affordably.  Why use multiple systems?

And the beauty of our home automation system is that we customize it to YOUR needs. Home automation shouldn’t be “cookie cutter” templates. Kish residential electricians will with with you and help you choose the best options for your home automation system.

Home automation done right means energy efficiency from the moment the system is installed.

Get rid of all your extra remotes! Push a button and program what you need and watch what you want where you want! And if there’s a problem with your home automation system, you have a local company you can trust who will service and maintain it for you!

Home automation is just a phone call away! Call Kish Electric today and start to make your life a lot easier!